Information about Primenative


Ethnic fashion, beauty and art have taken their pride of place in their respective industries over the last two decades. In the black world, Nigeria is one of the biggest players. Sadly, for the discerning consumer, quality, variety, availability and accessibility remain largely issues of concern.  

Now how about a seemingly infinite number of original handmade designs? From thousands of prime designers?  With a full complement of the best fabric and accessories dealers? All in one virtual marketplace; organized and moderated for the sheer delight of the King- the Customer- You! This is what we do at Primenative. 

Fashion, beauty and art of ethnic origins are grossly underrepresented in the grand scheme of things. Primenative is poised to change all that! We curate the best of ethnic fashion designers, beauty providers and the most skillful of artists from countries in Africa and beyond. We use technology to enable seamless transactions between customers and merchants. But for a few exceptions, all products are handmade by merchants from within the countries where we have our operations. We prequalify our merchants to make sure that we showcase the very best. That way you can rest assured of best quality products and services both for the local as well as the international market. 

We envisage a future where all cultures that are not mainstream can have the colours of their culture- fashion, beauty and arts- respectfully projected onto the world. We are working tirelessly towards perfecting this dream! 

We are all about splendid colours that excite the senses. Kindly follow us on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.