Information about Primenative

How it works

How It Works- For Customers

Create an account: Go to Primenative homepage and click “Sign up” at the top right of the site. You only need your email address and a password for this.

User body measurement: Refer to “See User Body Measurement” in your profile: It is very important to us that our fashion designers have your accurate body measurement to work with. If you reside in a city where we offer professional body measurement taking, bravo! Otherwise you may have to find a way to do this by yourself. When you’ve had your complete body measurement taken, kindly fill out the parameters in the “See User Body Measurement” section in your profile. Note: you may need to have your phone in landscape position to do this. Any fashion designer you place an order with can conveniently refer to this section in your profile to make sure they supply you with stuff that fit.

Finding an item on Primenative: Scan through the subcategory of the item you are looking for on our home page. You may also want to search with a generic name or style of the item. So you may search for the style name “Senator” for instance and all Kaftan of senator designs show up. You may also search for the generic name “Kaftan” and all kaftan designs will show up. You can now use the filters to fine-tune your search according to colour, type of fabric and other defining attributes as may be available.

General advice before you purchase: There is only one method of payment permissible by Primenative at this time. That is via our online payment gateway powered by Flutterwave. Customers are strongly advised against any other means of payment for whatever reasons they or the merchants might prefer these alternatives. For the avoidance of doubt, Primenative shall not entertain any complaints which may emanate from purchases made using all other payment alternatives other than our online payment option.

Shop Policy: Kindly read through merchants’ Shop Policy on their shop’s homepage. Check to see if they accept returns, exchanges or give refunds; and on what conditions for any of these. Their shipping policy may also be stated here together with all other fine details they may want their customers to know about before they make any purchases.

It also helps that you read customers reviews for the items you are looking to buy or the shops you are looking to buy from. While reviews in themselves are by no means an endorsement by us, they are generally a true reflection of customers’ actual experiences. Thus, they are always a good guide to work with. Note: reviews can only be left upon completion of a purchase.

Shopping from outside Nigeria: The only currency we accept at the moment is the Nigerian Naira. However, you can buy on Primenative using international cards. All necessary currency conversions are made at check out and Flutterwave’s conversion rates are always pretty favourable.

Buy local: for services: On Primenative, we sell products as well as services. For services in the beauty category- hair care, nail care, spa, etc.; you can “buy local”. This means that the filter option allows you to choose a state where you would like to secure the services of a beautician. The customer can book for the exact day and time they want by using the calendar function on the listing. The merchant looks up their diary and confirms they are available for the booking the customer seeks. If they are happy with it, they will now go ahead and confirm the booking. The customer in turn now makes payment to lock in the booking.

Choosing options for the items you are looking to buy: Due to the diverse nature of options in fashion & beauty together with the customization and flexibility which our platform allows, options for an item (other than “as listed”) are offered and confirmed via the platform communication system. Say you are looking at a ready-to-wear dress which is listed by a merchant, you may chat them up to confirm a particular size. If they answer “yes”, that is it! You may go ahead and place your order. However, for this same ready-to-wear dress, you may want to know whether you can have it in a different Ankara print. Or say, short sleeve instead of long sleeve which the listing depicts. Whatever you agree with a merchant as given in your communication with them; that is what they will be delivering to you.

Contact the seller: You may want to contact the seller at any point in time and for whatever reason concerning a listing. You only need to hit the “Contact” button, and you are indeed on to the merchant.

Using other media of communication media: We understand that there may be some valid reasons why a customer and a merchant may want to take communication off our platform. Telephone call for enhanced communication may be one of them. Both may exchange their contacts if they so wish. While this may be the case in some instances, it is important that the customer relates whatever agreements have been reached off the platform by use of the messaging system on our platform. When a customer chats up the merchant with the fine details of what has been agreed in a telephone conversation for instance, and the merchant replies in the affirmative; then Primenative recognizes the said deal.

Ready to check out: Re-confirm delivery address and order details: Make sure to leave the correct delivery address with the merchant. You may want to reconfirm this just before or immediately after making payment to avoid unnecessary delays.

Click “Buy” to buy: When you are ready to purchase a listing, click “Buy”. Choose your preferred payment option from Flutterwave which includes but not limited to use of debit/credit card, bank transfer and USSD. Yes, we all love making payments via our banking app, and this option is indeed available on Flutterwave! Once your payment is authorized, the merchant will have to “accept” your order at their own end. Then you will now be prompted to “mark order as completed”. Click on “mark order as completed”. This releases money to the merchant and that is only when the merchant’s time starts counting. For all of these steps you will receive messages confirming what actions need to be taken.

Delivery: Mode and time of delivery are according to what you agree with the merchant or what they have in their Shop Policy.

Problems with your order?: It may happen that your order isn’t delivered according to specification, or doesn’t even arrive at all. It may also be that it isn’t as described on the listing, or it doesn’t fit. Whatever your concerns, do not worry; we got you covered! Remember that we indemnify you 100% for the value of your purchases; including any shipping fees and all other fees/charges you may have paid. Kindly refer to section 7 of our Terms of Service for details. Contact the merchant first and hopefully they will resolve any issues to your satisfaction. If you are unhappy even after contacting the merchant, please do not hesitate to contact us at We will do our utmost best to resolve all such issues.

Leave a review: The review system is a very important feature of any online marketplace. Reviews help to guide the merchant in what they may or may not be doing right. Very importantly, they help customers find the best items and merchants for themselves. You will have just one opportunity to leave a review at the end of every purchase. We implore you to please use this opportunity judiciously so as to help us build a very robust marketplace.